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March 30
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You are now an owner of a Mirror Pond!

:star: Instructions: :star:
  • Pick a pony you want to clone by clicking them in the top menu. Press and hold the mouse button to drag the menu left and right.
  • You can select one of the items in the bottom menu: sugarcubes, beach ball, color drop or freshly painted wall.
  • Click anywhere on the ground to drop the selected item.
  • Press and hold the mouse button over a pony to grab them!
  • You can remove ponies by throwing them off the screen when the painted wall is on the screen or when there are more than 30 ponies.

:star: Items use: :star:
  • Sugarcubes clone ponies that eat them (so just like real life)
  • Beach ball will bounce of ponies that touch it. Pure fun. The ball can be removed by clicking it.
  • Color drop will change the color of the background. Different backgrounds have different properties.
  • Freshly painted wall will make all ponies that notice it stop moving, you can then proceed to pick them up and throw off screen. Click the wall to remove it.

:star: Screensaver installer (Windows only): :star:
Google drive:…
Adobe cloud:
Mega:!utpSlZoD!pA3zGwik… (outdated)

Update 2014/04/21:
- Added 3 new characters, Flash Sentry, Cheese Sandwich and Coco Pommel.
- Removed the unlocking functionality - all ponies are now unlocked from the start.

I will no longer be adding any more characters (I would like to move on to different things). I might return to fix bugs tho, if there are any.

Other information:
Some ponies do something special if they bump into each other.
You can see how many ponies you have cloned in the right click menu.
If you have more than 30 ponies some of them might try running away (we don't want to strain your PC).
On slower machines you can disable the shadows that ponies cast from the right click menu.
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MidnightLunaLove Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Professional Artist
How to undiscord ponies? I got discord away but my Twilight is still discorded
4as Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Spike can turn Twilight back to normal. Rest of the Mane 6 can be un-discorded by Twilight.
TwoWorstSisters Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  New member
Oh, Manehattan give me, O awful, and it may not taste as light Joker some very pleasant surprise, now produces Hunter: A lot of laughs beautiful hotel, just to make mane! Thy handmaid speak to them, all you need is the bag! , November only, please, for free. Hunter: Oh, ho, ho! Get the money! Not all rare. It follows, I said, [Rare] for a child can be known, what is not the eye, I am, I have a bar in September, where he lives a rare sit and watch you. 1 What is tourism Pony, thank you. Rare occurrence, please be mine. Pony Turismo 2: Wow, ok. [Rare] Some like to say: "However, it is not so much a great mind strange Grey will make our friends, and the city is still legal," which is how to play books I see B family sometimes packed around the city, will be called to smile [Rainbow Dash] Oh, why do not we Manehattan [Fluttershy] gloomy Gus If you find that [applejack] anyone, really, "[Pinkie Pie] only way to be, do not ask [rare] Caring'm show now say what I do for generously Manehattan key, I'm not the place for you in a
 lol I was playing this game and then saw the character from rarity takes manehattan and then google translate appeared in my head this is lyrics from generosity lol
darkwee009 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
CartoonsAreMyLife2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
i put them all in!
CartoonsAreMyLife2 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member
i like it that when fluttershy jumps, she spreads her wings out. And you should add the babies in the my little pony episode Baby Cakes
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Moonlight8837 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
Something fun: make a bunch of dashies, put in a discord, then put in a twilight and a spike and watch the fun! :D
Moonlight8837 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
and: if you put in a ball it's gonna get magical! :D
eveilangel15 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Artist
i cant stop playing this
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